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Green Diamond Icelander Review
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Author Message
Real User
Real User
2 Points

USA US Pennsylvania
PostYou have posted in this forum: Sat Nov 26, 2005 6:28 pm   Post subject:  Green Diamond Icelander Review Back to top 

After 500 mostly dry road miles on my Green Diamond Icelander tires, we got a substantial snowstorm on Thanksgiving day so I thought I would post my initial impressions.

First, the storm was a good one for testing winter tires. The evening before Thanksgiving it started to snow with what looked to be only a couple of inches. By Thursday morning, the rumble of thunder could be heard as very warm air was interacting with a major cold-air mass over Johnstown. The air temp was around 34 degrees so the snow that fell was wet and heavy. After dropping about 6 inches of heavy snow, the sun came out, the wind picked up, and the temp plummeted to the teens by sunset. Local road conditions had about 2-3 inches of "slurpy snow", the highly salted stuff that's too cold to melt but not cold enough to freeze solid. Local unplowed parking lots had 5-6 inches of snow; the top was powdery from the cold wind and drifting, the bottom layer was still warm and wet, freezing instantly when exposed to air.

The Icelanders are mounted on all four corners of a 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser which has been lowered moderately and has stiffer swaybars than the factory "Touring Suspension" came with. despite the modifications, the car has been fun in the winter and has driven through untreated snow that approached double the car's ground clearance (with Dunlop Graspic DS-1 tires which, unfortunately, are worn out). The car is equipped with traction control and ABS. I tested traction both with and without the traction control.

Despite being marketed as an "All-season" tire by Green Diamond, the tires performed well in the untreated parking lots. The traction control was active more than I am used to with the Q-rated snow tires I normally use, so after a few tight circles, I shut it off. Lateral traction is not as good as the Graspic's; once a slide begins it takes the Icelanders longer to hook back up than I remember the Dunlops taking. All the things that you are taught to do for good snow driving apply to these tires: light on the gas, slow and smooth with the clutch and the brakes, and reduce your speed. I found the tires competent, but not excellent, as long as I kept my speeds at or below the posted speed limits. And I was able to stop in the deep parking lot snow (described above) while facing uphill, and start out with no problem. However, If I lived where I constantly faced deep, untreated snow, I would consider another tire. Perhaps Green Diamond's Inari, or Dunlop's new Graspic DS-2. Deep snow braking required a fine touch or the ABS would be activated. The Dunlops were far superior to the Icelanders when braking under these conditions; in fact, my ABS would rarely come on during an entire winter's worth of driving with the Cruiser being driven quite agressively with the Dunlops.

On the roadways, the Icelanders slush performance was far superior to the Dunlops. With the Dunlops, I had to always worry about steeply crowned roads if they were slush-covered (slush performance was the DS-1's weakpoint). With the Icelanders, whether traction control was on or off, I never got the sensation that one drive wheel or another was trying to pull my car to the side.

At highway speeds, the Icelanders come up wanting. Their dry road manners are fine: they don't feel like a snow tire, and the sidewalls are plenty stiff. The bad thing about them (and something I've never experienced with the Q-rated snows I've run in the past) is that when you are on dry pavement and encounter a drifted-over patch of snow/ice at highway speeds, there is no sense of control. The Icelanders demand that you reduce speed before you ever hit such a patch, and that defeats the purpose of running dedicated winter tires -you want to be prepared for ALL road conditions. Bridestone Blizzaks(WS-15 and 50), Yokohama Guardex 600, and the previously mentioned Dunlops all could handle high speed transitions from dry pavement to drifted snow and ice and back to dry again with little drama. The Icelanders cannot.

The road conditions I tried the Icelanders out on did not permit a valid test of the carbide grit; there was too much slop at the bottom of the deep snow, and any ice I encountered was too bumpy from the wind and frozen slush to NOT permit a grip, so the jury is out as to whether it works as advertised.

I bought the Icelanders because my car will spend the rest of this winter in North Jersey at my daughter's college. She is in Montclair, just about 15 miles from Manhatten. The terrain is very hilly, and they get lots of ice and a lot of slush. Hopefully, I made a wise choice. Since my daughter will be home for about a month at Christmas, I should have more opportunities to test them myself, and hopefully try them in black ice conditions. I will keep you posted as the winter goes on.

Vince Volkar
Snow tire equipped vehicles: 2002 Suzuki Grand Vitara, 2001 PT Cruiser, 1997 BMW 328i convertible, and a 1997 Geo Metro.
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Site Admin
Site Admin
3123 Points

USA US New York
PostYou have posted in this forum: Sat Nov 26, 2005 7:48 pm   Post subject:   Back to top 

Thanks for the review. I am hoping to try a set of those out soon myself.

One note on the carbide: It takes at least 500 miles to get to a point where the carbide is exposed. I beleive Green Diamond actually suggests 1000 miles. once it is exposed the ice traction really improves (at least with the Inari).

BTW, be warned that handling the tires after the break in period is best done with gloves. If you don't use them, you will get lots of light scratches on the palm of your hands. Those crystals are definitely sharp.

John Werner - Driving Innovative, Out of the Box Solutions
Editor: The Snow Tire FAQ (
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Real User
Real User
2 Points

USA US New York
PostYou have posted in this forum: Wed May 10, 2006 3:43 pm   Post subject:  Re: Green Diamond Icelander Review Back to top 

I think I have even fewer miles in meaningful conditions than the last reviewer... I got 4 new Icelanders on the Subaru Forester in late October, and by the end of December all the serious accumulations were gone for good. For the rest of the Winter, it was small snowfalls, moderate temperatures and clear, salted roads.

Meanwhile the crystals are appearing very slowly. At 6000 miles, it appears to me they have a long way to go before they will scratch my hand very much. I will say that I am probably a gentler than average driver, and most of the miles are 40-50 mph, very few turns, just a bunch of stop signs.

Like Frank, I too noticed a dip in fuel economy after putting these tires on. Unfortunately, I assumed the shop pumped them up to pressure (32psi), and never checked until I went through my Spring routine with the car. I found them at 30psi, so I added 2psi. Now my mileage seems to be where I expect it, but: was the change due to the tires themselves, the pressure, or something else? Maybe the improvement is due to the warmer weather - the engine doesn't run as rich for as long?

(John, feel like looking at the tires and offering your experienced opinion? Feel like taking them for a spin - so to speak - next January?)

02 Subaru Forester AWD
02 Toyota Sienna FWD
(I work with John, but definitely cannot compete with him behind the wheel.)

Disclaimer: As if my employer would pay me for opinions like these.
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Site Admin
Site Admin
3123 Points

USA US New York
PostYou have posted in this forum: Wed May 10, 2006 9:04 pm   Post subject:  Re: Green Diamond Icelander Review Back to top 

The change in milage may be as simple as a change to summer gas. The winter mixtures tend to get a little less mpg. It is also possible that the increased tire pressure helped.

As I remember my tire stuff, the harder the tire, the better the mileage. At the same time, traction goes down and performance suffers.

- John

John Werner - Driving Innovative, Out of the Box Solutions
Editor: The Snow Tire FAQ (
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1 Points

PostYou have posted in this forum: Wed Oct 11, 2006 9:34 am   Post subject:  Re: Green Diamond Icelander Review Back to top 

We purchased a set of GD tires for our Explorer last year. The first thing I noticed was that I lost 2 to 3 mpg (not a good thing at the current price of gas). The snow driving was excellent however after less than 10k miles one of the tires separated while driving 70mph on the interstate. While we were able to get stopped safely it did create quite a problem. Since GD has no real office or store front, and is handled by very few local tire dealers, it was impossible to get a single tire replaced. Being recaps I had no desire to replace the bad tire with another potentially bad GD tire. We ended up replacing all four with GoodYear tires and sending the 4 GD tires to the dump. Unfortunately the local rep said he would only refund the price of the single bad tire - pretty pour business practices.
In another case a friend of mine hit something and damaged the sidewall of the GD tire. In this instance GD was unable to match the damaged tire and the customer was required to purchase an entire replacement set.
While GD tires have excellent winter traction, these experiences indicate that the environmental impact of GD tires is anything BUT GREEN. Anybody can sell tires, but having virtually no customer service when there is a problem, along with the typical requirement of replacing all four tires when one goes bad, is certainly NOT Customer friendly or Eco-friendly by my standards.
To me GD tires has a whole different meaning...G** D*** tires.

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Real User
Real User
12 Points

Canada CA Nova Scotia
PostYou have posted in this forum: Sun Oct 22, 2006 5:21 pm   Post subject:   Back to top 

Broadband, what tire pressures did you run the Greens at, and was the load rating sufficient for the Exlporer?

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1 Points

PostYou have posted in this forum: Thu Nov 09, 2006 11:16 pm   Post subject:   Back to top 


Hello, All. Rich Gostenik here... owner of Green Diamond Tire - West and the person that personally sold and delivered the set of GDTs in question to this individual, BROADBAND. It is unfortunate that this person elected to post his 'experience' here as his account is quite misleading and largely inaccurate. I respond to this post only to offer the other side of this transaction for your consideration.

1) the loss of mileage was due to the mounting a set of tires that were a smaller diameter than his vehicle OEM requirement. As we did not have his OEM size in stock at the time, he elected (read... insisted) on the smaller diameter GDT... knowing full well that while there would be a torque/performance boost, that would come at the price of reduced mileage performance. His call... not mine.

2) the account of the tread seperation is a claim that I cannot and will not refute. GDTs carry a lifetime warranty against any/all defects whether original casing mfr or GDT-build. The damaged GDT was never shown to me yet would have been replaced at no cost and with no quibbling about cause/effect. Instead, the person penned a childish and profane email to the president of GDT-NA and did not even attempt to contact me... the local person that could have... and would have listened and remedied the situation.

3) the 'friend' to which this person refers is actually his brother... whom has driven on GDTs now for 3+ yrs. The stated sidewall blowout was caused by being forced into the median on a steep, icy, mountain descent in order to avoid a serious semi-truck / SUV accident. It is true that the sidewall blew out however it was due to striking a barrier inwhich the vehicle itself also suffered damage. His brother will attest that the GDTs possibly saved his life in this situation.

4) by purposely trashing the remaining GDTs, i did not have the opportunity to make any remedy for his inconvenience or expense... yet because of his childish and unyielding attitude, I elected to not 'suffer the fool' and chaulk this customer up to a lesson learned.

In summary, I have never been inclined nor needed to offer a written rebuttal to a customer's experience with GDTs. Had he chosen to handle the situation in a mature and open manner, my level of customer service would have been considerably more generous. However, he chose to blindside the situation without the opportunity for review or remedy... instead making only audacious claims and attempting to denegrate the GDT product and company.

I ask all those that may review this post and the original post to consider the source.

You are encouraged to contact me at any time to discuss this situation... and of course, the GDT product.

Kind regards,

Rich Gostenik
Owner / Green Diamond Tire - West
866.380.0009 (toll-free)
303.770.5295 (local)
303.808.7280 (mobile)

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Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor
76 Points

USA US Michigan
PostYou have posted in this forum: Thu Mar 10, 2011 12:34 pm   Post subject:  Re: Green Diamond Icelander Review Back to top 

I wanted to share my experiences with using Green Diamond Icelander tires.

First, some background:
I purchased my first set of Green Diamond Icelander tires over two years ago. I have since purchased an additional four sets of Green Diamond Icelander tires for a total of five sets and I have put many thousands of miles on these tires on several different vehicles. I would very much like to obtain Icelander C/T or better yet M/T tires, but they are not available in the tire sizes that I use.

Next, the good news:
Green Diamond tires are by far the best tires that I have ever used for traction on ice, wet pavement, and snow covered roads of light to moderate depth (six inches or less). With 50 years of driving experience and many different types of vehicles and various tires of all sizes and makes, Green Diamond tires has out performed them all! I have also used studded tires (not on the Green Diamond’s) and while the studs do give good traction on ice, they still do not work quite as well as the Green Diamond tires. Furthermore, studs are actually detrimental on wet and dry pavement, increasing your stopping distance and decreasing your traction. Only in mud and really deep snow (over six inches) have I found that very aggressive mud and snow tires (such as B. F. Goodrich’s Mud-Terrain, Dunlop’s Mud Rover, or Goodyear’s Wrangler DuraTrac) perform marginally better. I have used all of these tires mentioned.

And then, the bad news:
On highway driving, Green Diamond tires are slightly noisier than most “all season” tires. Green Diamond tires also seem to wear more in hot weather. So, I remove them in early Spring and re-install them in late Fall. I purchased new wheels specifically for the Green Diamond tires, thus eliminating the necessity to go to my local tire company twice each year.

I had one Green Diamond tire fail; the plies started to separate and the tire was causing considerable vibration. After contacting Green Diamond, I was informed that a new tire would be sent out to replace this one. That was six months ago! After numerous attempts to contact Green Diamond (the phone lines report that the voice mail boxes are full and not accepting new calls and the repeated email messages are not answered) I have come to the conclusion that Green Diamond is no longer in business. I did contact a tire dealer that sells Green Diamond tires and he informed me that Green Diamond is moving and expanding their operations to increase manufacturing capacity.

Finally, my recommendations:
If you have Green Diamond tires, enjoy them as I stand by my belief that there is not a better ice and snow (moderate depth) tire available. If you do not, don’t hold your breath while waiting to purchase some. When and or if Green Diamond does make their tires available again, I recommend waiting several years before making a purchase.

I hope my experience will benefit others that may be considering Green Diamond tires.

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