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Last Revised: 1-Nov-2003


Over the years, I've collected many worthwhile references and tools about driving and winter automotive sports. Here is a collection of some of them. Some are available in only PDF, some only in HTML, and some others are in both.


These articles all have a common theme of driving.

Push, Pull, or Both – PDF or HTML

This is an article I wrote that originally appeared in Rolling, the magazine of the Volvo Club of America (VCOA). It discusses the differences between how All Wheel Drive, Front Wheel Drive, and Rear Wheel Drive. It discusses the dynamics of how the different propulsion systems work, and goes into a little bit about car control. It is really an overview and should be taken as such. A more in-depth study of car handling can be found in the Physics of Racing series .

Physics of Racing Series

This collection of articles by Brian Beckman is one of the best I have read about the dynamics of driving and how physics comes into play. It gets very complex quite quickly, but if you are willing to put the effort into reading it, it is well worthwhile. The series is widely available on the Internet. Here are a few places I have found it:

Motor Sports

Carling – PDF or HTML

This interview discusses a new winter automotive sport that I found very interesting.


Tire Size Calculator

While preparing for the Real World Tire Tests, I developed the first edition of this spreadsheet for comparing tires sizes. To use it, simply enter the tire size you are trying to match in the space labelled “1.” Then, enter the tire sizes you want to compare in the column marked “2.” Third, read your results.

For those of you using 1 or StarOffice, you can download the SXC version (which is only 20k). Those who need the spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel ® format can download the XLS version (33k).

Final Remarks

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